Juha Metso

Juha Metso in St Petersburg 2014,
photo ©Iida Metso

Ville Haapasalo 2013 ©Juha Metso

Jää jää – Ice Stay – Eis Bleib 2013
©Juha Metso

Sortavala 2008 ©Juha Metso

Musician Juice Leskinen 2006 ©Juha Metso


Juha Metso 2014, photo ©Iida Metso

Artist Miina Äkkijyrkkä 2004 ©Juha Metso

Benin, Grand Popo 2013 ©Juha Metso

Boy and gun, Kabul, Afganistan 2004
©Juha Metso

Moskow 2009 ©Juha Metso

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Jää jää – Ice Stay – Eis Bleib 2013
©Juha Metso

Vladimir Putin 2014 ©Juha Metso

On the Earth  2015 ©Juha Metso