Juha Metso

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Putinlandia – Tarinoita Venäjältä PutinlandiaStories from Russia

Experience the immense beauty and roughness of Russia from Vyborg to Vladivostok.

What is Putin's kingdom, how it has shaped, and what will happen to it? The journalist Pekka Hakala, following the development of Russia and the Soviet Union since 1981, travels from Arkangel to the slopes of the Kaukasus Mountains. Juha Metso's unique images show how life in different corners of the country looks and feels.

Junnu Vainio – Sellaista elämä on Songwriter Junnu Vainio Such is life

If alive the legendary Finnish songwriter Juha "Junnu" Vainio would celebrate his  80th birthday this year.

Vainio's songs echoes through the karaoke machines every day in Finland.

Such a life is about the life of Vainio and the legacy of the songs. The unique artwork from Vainio illustrates the background landscape of the songs. Friends and partners such as songwriter Vexi Salmi and singer Katri Helena, relatives such as Ilkka Vainio, as well as admirers from Vainio's singing company to karaoke masters reveal their relationship with Vainio.

Ville Haapasalo – Junamatka Moskovaan | Actor Ville Haapasalo's  train ride to Moskow

The student of Leningrad Theater School Ville Haapasalo left on a night train to Moscow. He never got there. Mugged, penniless, and without passport, he spent more than a month in slavery on the Black Sea coast. In a desperate situation, he becomes acquainted with the mysterious beauty Nadja and her family.

Where is the line between truth and illusion? Ville Haapasalo's both shocking and funny survival story now explained in detail.

Maammetaulu – Kuvia, sanoja ja ihmisiä 100-vuotiaasta Suomesta
Portrait of our country – pictures, words and people from 100 years old Finland

Maammetaulu collects the thoughs about Finland in present and in the future. Above all, Maammetaulu is a photo book that reveals what kind of centenarian Finland is.

Finland has Finnish faces: smooth and wrinkled, black and white, but always as beautiful and unique. Finns born and die. Finland is changing and the Finns are changing.

Maammetaulu tells what Finland is now and what it should be like.

Tää menee näin – Vuoden biisit 1977–2017 | It goes like this – Songs of the year 1977–2017

Photographer Juha Metso and the writer-journalist Vesa Sirén join forces on a journey that reveals a lot of new and surprising things about songs of the year through 1977–2017. The time travel is supplemented by annual what happened meanwhile elsewhere descriptions. The book also tells which songs were at the top of the votes of the readers of the Finnish music magazines Soundi and Rumba.

Kotka – karkea ja kaunis – Rough and beautiful

The City of Kotka is full of beautiful places. It's like a photo book you have to flip through.

Not to mention the peculiar citizens of Kotka.

It is hard to find people that are more proud of their home town. While brawling and bragging is in their blood, they won't fight with friends.

The book contains 50 chapters of exquisite information about Kotka for the fans and like-minded.

Vimpan päälle kalareissu
Excellent fishing trip

Actor Ville Haapasalo meets fishermen and fish with them with different methods in different seasons. He hears tasty stories about fishing and also tells them by himself.

Ville also ponders why the cyprinids are not used widely in Finland for food.

Juha Metso, Tunteella liikkeellä
– Juha Metso, Emotion in Motion

Emotion in Motion sums up the works and versatile art of Juha Metso from over three decades. The authors of the articles are Riitta Raatikainen and Hannu Vanhanen. The book was published In connection with Juha Metso's retrospective exhibition in Salo Art Museum and Lappeenranta Art Museum in 2016–2017.

Suursaari | Hogland Island (revised edition)

The photography of Juha Metso accompanied by the texts of Kauko Röyhkä tell the story of the formerly Finnish island occupied by the Soviet Union in World War II. Previously unpublished photographs and a chapter on Juminda minefield have been added to the revised edition.

Voodoo – Afrikan arkea
Voodoo – Everyday Life in Africa

In 2012 Juha Metso spent 2 months
shooting in the village of Grand-Popo,
Benin, West Africa, on the birthplace of vodun (voodoo). His photographs as well as Juha Vakkuri's stories study the dimensions of the African vodun religion.

Sielun Veljet. Kuvat
Sielun Veljet Rock Band. The Photos

Juha Metso's photos cover the journey
of the Finnish Sielun Veljet rock band from
the early 1980's all the way to the tour of 2011. The stunningly impressive photos are complemented by the stories of music
journalist Vesa Sirén.

Et kuitenkaan usko... Ville Haapasalon varhaisvuodet Venäjällä | You Won't Believe
This... Actor Ville Haapasalo's early years in Russia

Finnish actor Ville Haapasalo is now a huge super star in Russia. But when he left to study in the St. Petersburg Theatre Academy, he did not speak one word of Russian and was robbed and beaten numerous times.

Finnish musician and writer Kauko Röyhkä wrote down the stories and Juha Metso created the images.

Makujen matka – Georgia
Journey of Flavours in Georgia

Finnish actor Ville Haapasalo, rock musician and writer Kauko Röyhkä and photographer Juha Metso travelled together to Georgia in order to find out the secrets of Georgian cuisine. The result is  a journey of flavours with 30 recipees documented in this book.

Et muuten tätäkään usko… Ville Haapasalon 2000-luku Venäjällä
You Won't Believe This Either. Actor Ville Haapasalo in Russia in the 2000's

Finnish actor Ville Haapasalo is a huge super star in Russia. This book tells about Ville's unbelievable adventures in Russia in the 2000's, when Putin came into power and Russia got rich. Adventures noted by Finnish musician and writer Kauko Röyhkä, imagery by Juha Metso.

Kari Peitsamo – Rokkari ja saarnamies | Rocker and Preacher Kari Peitsamo

Finnish rock musician Kari Peitsamo has made over 850 recordings. He is also a student of theology and a communist. Juha Metso's photographs and journalist Ari Lahdenmäki are trying to find out, who he really is.


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Ville Haapasalo – Junamatka Moskovaan. (Actor Ville Haapasalo's train ride to Moskow). Juha Metso, Kauko Röyhkä. Docendo 2017.